Ongoing Programs

The Founder of the Baron Jay Family Foundation, Mr. Baron Jay Littleton, is a screen actor, producer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist known for his seminal youth empowerment programs. Mr. Littleton is the author of the Little Black and Brown Book Series on Black and Latino Achievement, a celebration of the historically important contributions of both African American and Hispanic inventors to society. He is the creator of “Book Dealers Not Drug Dealers,” a national program in which the Baron Jay Family Foundation teams up with local urban school systems to use books as an alternative to selling cookies and candy in fundraising campaigns. The Baron Jay Family Foundation is also a co-sponsor of groundbreaking edu-tainment such as “Battle of the Minds” – a unique board game about Black History.

New Programs

Our new flagship program, Career Horizons – Here and Now, is a series of peer-driven, mentor guide interactive workshops. The goal of this series is to give young people up-to-date information on current and emerging good job possibilities. By listening to prominent representatives of different industries – and in some cases visiting workplaces onsite — participants can discover for themselves if they are interested in a certain vocation or profession, and if it is a good fit for them. The Career Horizons modules introduce our workshop beneficiaries to employment possibilities in a wide range of jobs in high demand today.

Our proactive approach engages participants in workshops and classrooms, and also in hands-on laboratory settings and field experiences. Our workshops feature the best of academic, inspirational, and real world learning situations. Our mentors and facilitators help motivate participants to take responsibility for improving their environment and for transforming their own lives.

United States

Knowledge Paths to Personal Success

Age-appropriate and culturally competent instruction and mentoring in the following subjects:

  • Health Education
  • Relationship & Family
  • Job Possibilities & Career Choices
  • Financial Literacy
  • Computer Literacy •Entertain-Media 101

An innovative program to introduce participants to filmmaking and technical training for careers in media and entertainment. It combines entertainment and media arts instruction, including English and language arts, with career goal development.