Ongoing Programs

The Founder of the Baron Jay Family Foundation, Mr. Baron Jay Littleton, is a screen actor, producer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist known for his seminal youth empowerment programs. Mr. Littleton is the author of the Little Black and Brown Book Series on Black and Latino Achievement, a celebration of the historically important contributions of both African American and Hispanic inventors to society. He is the creator of “Book Dealers Not Drug Dealers,” a national program in which the Baron Jay Family Foundation teams up with local urban school systems to use books as an alternative to selling cookies and candy in fundraising campaigns. The Baron Jay Family Foundation is also a co-sponsor of groundbreaking edu-tainment such as “Battle of the Minds” – a unique board game about Black History.

New Programs

Our new flagship program, Career Horizons – Here and Now, is a series of peer-driven, mentor guide interactive workshops. The goal of this series is to give young people up-to-date information on current and emerging good job possibilities. By listening to prominent representatives of different industries – and in some cases visiting workplaces onsite — participants can discover for themselves if they are interested in a certain vocation or profession, and if it is a good fit for them. The Career Horizons modules introduce our workshop beneficiaries to employment possibilities in a wide range of jobs in high demand today.

Our proactive approach engages participants in workshops and classrooms, and also in hands-on laboratory settings and field experiences. Our workshops feature the best of academic, inspirational, and real world learning situations. Our mentors and facilitators help motivate participants to take responsibility for improving their environment and for transforming their own lives.

United States 

  • Knowledge Paths to Personal Success

Age-appropriate and culturally competent instruction and mentoring in the following subjects:

  • Health Education
  • Relationship & Family
  • Job Possibilities & Career Choices
  • Financial Literacy
  • Computer Literacy •Entertain-Media 101

An innovative program to introduce participants to filmmaking and technical training for careers in media and entertainment. It combines entertainment and media arts instruction, including English and language arts, with career goal development.


Riches to Wealth (RtoW) is a financial literacy blueprint program designed to empower low wealth students, student athletes and families in life-long financial decisions. Read More


The Baron Jay Foundation trains Los Angeles area middle/ high school and college students from low- and moderate-income backgrounds on film.

  • Filmmaker Training Center

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Entrepreneurship Basics

The era of finishing school to get a job and expect to be financially happy is coming to an end. Today’s economy encourages folks to start their own business and grow their finances to a state they’d be proud of. It isn’t enough to have a degree these days, it pays to have entrepreneurial skills on the side to survive the mean waters of the world’s financial system. Entrepreneurship is an ability that is needed to survive and effectively wade through the world of today. Youths are expected to understand the basics of entrepreneurship, essentially what it means to set up a business and grow it to the point where it is profitable and self-sustainable.

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The WGA Caddie Academy provides summer caddie opportunities to under-resourced high school students who ultimately hope to pursue an Evans Scholarship. Each summer, students come from all across the United States to caddie at clubs in the Chicago area while living together under the guidance of current Evans Scholars.

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Man has come a long way from the first time he first discovered fire to now that he has created the computer and other technological marvels. The world through this has become driven by these lofty inventions and many more. Technology is the fuel that drives the world and anyone, not tech-savvy will be left behind. With the digitization of almost every facet of human living, the question of becoming deeply knowledgeable in modern technology is not a question of if but when. When? Now. The time is now to immerse youthful minds into this world of endless possibilities.

Steam Dreamers is an initiative set up to service this need. It is a robust program that encompasses different parts of computer technology specifically. It aims to give youth all they need to become world beaters in various kinds of computer technology. It aims to arm them with so much knowledge that they’d be good enough to take mankind’s technology a step further into its future.

Steam dreamers offer youths who have no prior knowledge in computer technology the chance to set on their journey in technology the right way with the well-organized programs they have set up. Steam Dreamers will develop youths in technologies such as website development, robotics, and basic app development. Youths will be taught best practices in the world of these mentioned technologies to the point where they can become employable and make a career out of what they have learned.

Steam Dreamers isn’t limiting its teaching program to the world wide web and mobile app development. Participants will also be able to learn what it takes to build the exciting games they love to play and will even be tasked with developing a fun one themselves. Participants will also be taught wire framing.

Technology has changed our lives and the world economy. It is a digital world and Steam Dreamers offers you a chance to be a part of that world.


The Baron Jay Foundation provides health/wellness resources, nutrition, exercise plans, group work outs, and workshops, symposiums exploring current mental, physical and spiritual health. Providing guidance in reducing stress, weight loss, body sculpting, plant based nutrition and introducing employment opportunities in health industry and more.

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Our Supplemental programs are


Kids are first learners who are also very inquisitive and this is one of the reasons why it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes because their spirit of exploration is never ending. This is why this is the best time to shape or guide them towards the right career direction right from the start.

This is what the lunch and learn is aiming to do. This program will match kids with executives and professionals from different industries during their lunch time who will mentor and teach them important business etiquette, groom them on interview tips, lay down guidelines on how to create a resume, teach the kids on how to dress for the kind of job that they need and a whole lot more.

The lunch and learn program is extremely important because it will make each mentorship session a lot more relaxed and give kids a chance to communicate freely with no inhibitions just like they are having lunch with their peers. It’s a program whose impact would last for a lifetime because impressions that are made on kids tend to last a lifetime.

So wouldn’t you want to give your kids a chance to be a part of this amazing initiative and get ahead of the curve right from their tender age? We are sure the answer is yes, so do reach out vis mail and let’s set up a lunch and learn initiative for your kids so they can lunch and learn in more ways than one.



Have you been thinking about giving back to the society and helping your kids live out their dreams as entrepreneurs and successful business executives but you just don’t have the time to go out directly? Well, this is totally understandable because the business world is fast paced so it can be hard to keep up.

This is one of the factors that gave rise to the “Who Wants To Be A 30 Minute Mentor” Initiative. A program that allows a mentor to do a 30 minute tape zoom call that will give them chance to give insight on what they do and how they have been able to become successful in their careers. Every mentor will also get a chance to leave a message to their teenage self on what they could have done differently so the younger generation can learn from them.

The 30 Minute session will also include tips on how to succeed in the business world and tips on going after what you are passionate about unapologetically. It’s an amazing opportunity to touch lives without being in the same room with the kids that you are mentoring. It’s an opportunity to shape their minds and career direction now that they are young and the impression you leave with them would last for a lifetime.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us and let’s talk you through ways that you could be a part of this and also get your kids to tap into this amazing opportunity that will leave a lasting impression on them.