Entrepreneurship Basics

The era of finishing school to get a job and expect to be financially happy is coming to an end. Today’s economy encourages folks to start their own business and grow their finances to a state they’d be proud of. It isn’t enough to have a degree these days, it pays to have entrepreneurial skills on the side to survive the mean waters of the world’s financial system. Entrepreneurship is an ability that is needed to survive and effectively wade through the world of today. Youths are expected to understand the basics of entrepreneurship, essentially what it means to set up a business and grow it to the point where it is profitable and self-sustainable.

An interesting break down of the wealthiest top one percent in the United States shows that ten percent of this one percent are doctors and attorneys. Another interesting look reveals that another ten percent are either CEO of companies or Presidents of company boards. The most shocking fact about this revelation is that a huge seventy-four percent are either business owners or real estate investors.

The revelation above lays the bare the importance of entrepreneurship and financial literacy. It is however so sad that schools are set up in a way that does not allow for students to learn enough about this unforgiving part of the world. Students leave school and find themselves clueless about a lot of things that are regarded as the basics of entrepreneurship.

BJF will ensure you learn the basics of entrepreneurship. There are a lot of things youths should have been taught about entrepreneurship from Elementary school through Middle school to high school. BJF will help you learn all you need to learn to be successful in the business world. The basics are the most important. They serve as a foundation on which you can build yourself further. These basics are:

  • Learning how to write a business plan
  • Raising venture capital
  • How IPOs are launched
  • How to calculate ARV.
  • Finding Distress Sellers
  • Fixing and Flipping using OPM

Entrepreneurship is so important in today’s world that it is regarded as a life skill. It is a tool needed for survival. Enroll with BJF to secure your financial future.