Riches & Wealth Program

Riches to Wealth (RtoW) is a financial literacy blueprint program designed to empower low wealth students, student athletes and families in life-long financial decisions. This program provides tools and knowledge to all individuals to make informed financial decisions that can lead to long term wealth and self-sufficiency beyond the classroom and field. The curriculum is designed to address the psycho-social behaviors and environmental circumstances that students experience. In addition, to further their learning, students will review case studies on professional athletes.

It is a wild world out there when it comes to finances. In today’s world, where brainpower is the most important tool for survival, one needs to know enough to navigate the economic side of this wild world. Poverty is on the rise due to financial illiteracy. It is a discovery that shows that a large number of people go through educational institutions and still come out financially deficient. This deficiency makes it nearly impossible to navigate financial waters with ease. A lot of people don’t how the financial system of the world works and find it hard to educate themselves with self-help books and articles.

This is why ‘Riches to Wealth’ is an important initiative to sign up for. It is a light at the end of the tunnel for individuals looking to liberate themselves financially. In the book ‘Why we want you to be Rich’, Robert Kiyosaki, one of the authors of the book mentioned knowledge acquisition as one of the important behaviors that separate the haves and the have-nots of our society. One knowledge acquisition journey individuals could embark on is going to financial workshops just like ‘Riches to Wealth’.

‘Riches to Wealth’ offers a lot of benefits to partakers. When ‘Riches to Wealth’ is joined, partaking individuals have access to different benefits that include business and personal credits to help them get on their feet and put their business ideas into motion. The key to becoming wealthy is making good financial decisions and this workshop’s major aim is to ensure youths make the best of financial decisions that can lead to success.

The workshop is lined with classes that will improve the knowledge of applicants in different aspects of the financial system. Aspects like stocks financial planning and management activities. Applicants are guaranteed to leave having learned enough to ensure long-term self-sufficiency in the business world.