Steam Dreams


Man has come a long way from the first time he first discovered fire to now that he has created the computer and other technological marvels. The world through this has become driven by these lofty inventions and many more. Technology is the fuel that drives the world and anyone, not tech-savvy will be left behind. With the digitization of almost every facet of human living, the question of becoming deeply knowledgeable in modern technology is not a question of if but when. When? Now. The time is now to immerse youthful minds into this world of endless possibilities.

Steam Dreamers is an initiative set up to service this need. It is a robust program that encompasses different parts of computer technology specifically. It aims to give youth all they need to become world beaters in various kinds of computer technology. It aims to arm them with so much knowledge that they’d be good enough to take mankind’s technology a step further into its future.

Steam dreamers offer youths who have no prior knowledge in computer technology the chance to set on their journey in technology the right way with the well-organized programs they have set up. Steam Dreamers will develop youths in technologies such as website development, robotics, and basic app development. Youths will be taught best practices in the world of these mentioned technologies to the point where they can become employable and make a career out of what they have learned.

Steam Dreamers isn’t limiting its teaching program to the world wide web and mobile app development. Participants will also be able to learn what it takes to build the exciting games they love to play and will even be tasked with developing a fun one themselves. Participants will also be taught wire framing.

Technology has changed our lives and the world economy. It is a digital world and Steam Dreamers offers you a chance to be a part of that world.