Lunch & Learn


Kids are first learners who are also very inquisitive and this is one of the reasons why it’s hard to keep up with them sometimes because their spirit of exploration is never ending. This is why this is the best time to shape or guide them towards the right career direction right from the start.

This is what the lunch and learn is aiming to do. This program will match kids with executives and professionals from different industries during their lunch time who will mentor and teach them important business etiquette, groom them on interview tips, lay down guidelines on how to create a resume, teach the kids on how to dress for the kind of job that they need and a whole lot more.

The lunch and learn program is extremely important because it will make each mentorship session a lot more relaxed and give kids a chance to communicate freely with no inhibitions just like they are having lunch with their peers. It’s a program whose impact would last for a lifetime because impressions that are made on kids tend to last a lifetime.

So wouldn’t you want to give your kids a chance to be a part of this amazing initiative and get ahead of the curve right from their tender age? We are sure the answer is yes, so do reach out via mail and let’s set up a lunch and learn initiative for your kids so they can lunch and learn in more ways than one.