LET! – Learn. Earn. Tutor.


LET Program Reward is an integral part of our system and it’s one of the reasons why a lot of young people opt for things that provide instant gratification even though it might be on the wrong side of the law.

This is why we are pushing the Learn Earn Tutor Program which will change the way students spend the after school hours. With the LET PROGRAM ( LEARN EARN TUTOR) A SELECT GROUP OF STUDENTS WILL BE PAID $ 7 A HOUR TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL TO BE TUTOR BY ONE OF THEIR PEERS THAT IS EXCELLING IN SCHOOL.

Yes, you read that right!! With this program, students will be paid for spending their after school hours to learn and get better at their school work. The fact that the tutoring will be done by their peers means they will be able to connect better with each lesson as it will be broken down in ways that they will understand or we will have local college students tutor for pay and volunteer service hours.

The tutors are not left out as they will also be paid $9 for every hour that they spend tutoring their peers. So in essence, they are being paid or should we say rewarded for being great at their school work. This will motivate and increase grades, attendance, and test scores. If we do not pay the drug dealers on the street will pay them to do something. We have learned our under-served youth are motivated by money and they need it for their households. We will rather pay a little now than a lot later.

It’s easy to assume that money is the motivation here but it’s far from it because the goal is to teach these students the value of hard work and excellence because it doesn’t always have to come with a pat on the back, let’s put some money back in their wallet. So TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS let’s get your students involved and help build a strong foundation.  IT MAKES CENTS AND $ DOLLARS. Contact us Now!