Social Impact Sales Initiative

The Social Impact of Using Sales Initiative Via Product Sourcing, Services & Brokering

We give the opportunity to Foster Youth, Unemployed and formerly incarcerated. They are trained for entry-level positions in the areas, sales, marketing, product sourcing for approved Environmental Protective Agency cleaning products, Personal Protective Equipment and Call Center Customer Service Representatives.

On average, formerly incarcerated individuals are up to 30% percent less likely to find a job than someone without a conviction and earn less once they are employed.

Without employment, these individuals are more likely to return to crime and ultimately, prison. The incarceration system is failing its core mission of rehabilitating individuals and preparing them for life after release.

Our approach aims to provide educational and employment opportunities; post – release services and counseling; connections to housing, employment, and mental health services and connections to peer and community networks to reduce and individual’s chance of recidivism and to give them hope for a better future.

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