BJF is seeking volunteers in the following capacities:

CLASSROOM SPEAKINGVisit students in the classroom to discuss your industry and profession1 hour (per session)
CAREER DAYProvide students with the opportunity to learn about your industry and profession by meeting with multiple professional from your organization2-3 hours (per day)
JOB SHADOWINGGive students and teachers a firsthand look at your industry as they shadow professionals in your workplace.Half/Full day
ADVISORY COMMITTEEMeet with teachers and administrators to help develop solutions for the challenges they faceDetermined by partners
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTUtilize business staff to support teachers in learning about your industry and how to ensure relevance in daily curriculum.Determined by partners
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENTAdvise educators on creating real-world work-related experiences in lessons and labs to meet industry needs and practices.Determined by partners
INTERNSHIPSProvide jobs or internships for students for a specified period of time to learn job skillsFull/Part-time
TEACHER EXTERNSHIPSProvide an opportunity for teachers to work outside of the classroom to strengthen their knowledge of your industry and incorporate this knowledge back into their classroom.Determined by partners