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Program Initiatives for Youth Empowerment

• To promote age-appropriate and culturally competent health education and healthy habits in disadvantaged youth who may be at increased risk for HIV/AIDS; chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, and cancer; and violence, including domestic and date violence, and gang activity. To give a youth participants a platform for understanding health in practical terms and in ways that relate to their everyday lives.

• To give youth beneficiaries an interactive platform for understanding the dynamics of relationships, and strategies for cultivating respectful, harmonious, and positive relationships with friends, family, teachers, coaches, co-workers, employers, and others.

• To give youth participants information on, and exposure to, careers that are potentially personally interesting and financially rewarding. To assist them in discovering job possibilities and in developing the skills needed to successfully enter a specific industry.

• To expose youth participants to careers in the film entertainment and media industries that are potentially personally interesting and financially rewarding.

• To introduce youth beneficiaries to the varied job-related applications of computer technology. To refer them to nearby classes and workshops offering free or low-cost training in basic, intermediate, and advanced computer skills.

• To teach youth participants the fundamentals of financial literacy. To help them develop a rational “how-to” plan for budgeting, spending, saving and investing in the immediate and long-term future that maximizes their likelihood of economic security over a lifetime.

• To co-host, with Operation Hope, the “Banking On Our Future Financial Literacy Program” in order to teach and inform youth about our banking and monetary system. www.operationhope.org

• To motivate student to study and appreciate school and academics through our “Learn and Earn Coach Workout” by paying them to study, and to appreciate school and academics.

• To co-sponsor the Read For Literacy Book-A-Thon Tour “Battle of the Minds Game Show.”

Initiatives for Global Development

• To provide local communities with innovative poverty-reducing interventions that utilize “information and communication technologies for development” (ICT4D). To provide interdisciplinary and cross-industry technology transfer to the developing world that increases literacy, helps close the global digital gap, and improves socio-economic conditions in local communities and their larger societies.